Welcome to Airstar America where you will get the latest information on the rental and sales of Airstar Space Lighting balloons in the United States.

Airstar America serves all cities in the U.S. from our offices in Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Orlando and through our representatives and distributors located throughout the nation.

Airstar America provides award-winning lighted balloons for special events, staged productions, live events, sporting events, film productions, indoor filming, commercial productions, outdoor filming, television broadcast, visual display and architectural lighting. Airstar lighting balloons have also been discovered by the construction and rescue industries as safe, effective lighting sources.


Airstar is the originator and worldwide leader of award-winning lighting balloon technology.


Airstar lighting balloons are as practical as they are beautiful. The unit’s are non-glare, high-wattage, making them the perfect safe light source for any film set, special event, nighttime construction site or rescue operation.

Yet, they can also beautifully enhance a special event, stage production, live TV / film environment, visual display or building design. Either covered with beautiful fabrics and patterns, or simply left plain as an architectural element, Airstar lighting balloons allow your imagination to soar.


Airstar products provide a powerful source of light with absolutely no glare. Specially created covers create a diffused illumination. Available for sale or rental,

lighting balloons come in a variety of sizes and are equipped with a halogen or HMI lighting system and inflated with either air or helium.

From your first phone call to installation and tear-down, you will deal with Airstar’s experts in lighting balloon technology.

Airstar. Simply Brilliant.

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Airstar America is the originator and worldwide leader in the manufacture, sale and rental of lighting balloons
for film lighting, special event lighting, staging productions and sporting events. Airstar lighting balloons are available
through Airstar Lighting offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando and Austin, as well as with representatives and distributors
throughout the United States. Airstar America's Space Lighting's leading product lines include Lunix, Gala, Sirocco, Solarc and Indoor Tube.

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